“We offer to think outside the box”

What if it’s the last of the privileges for sea lovers? Discover deserted beaches, lagoons as far as the eye can see and perfect waves, still ignored by the rest of the world. This promise of adventure is the one of Water Expeditions, a company that designs adapted trips for kite surfing fans.

It’s a concept I’ve had in mind for about ten years,” explains Jean-Charles Galey (JC). Creator of a kite school on Mauritius, he decided to offer these high-end trips – until then reserved for pro-riders – to the public of enthusiasts. For this new adventure, he is partnering with Pierre-Kosciusko-Morizet (PKM), co-founder of the Price Minister website and Julien Radic, French Tech entrepreneur : both of them are real ocean lovers and passioned by kitesurfing/surfing.
“People who go kitesurfing go to known and recognized sites where there are often many people. We offer them the opportunity to get off the beaten track and experience what they have seen in magazines until now,” continues JC, who has already tested spots on all continents. The adventure is extraordinary but remains open to regular practitioners since the minimum level required is autonomy. “I was seduced by the idea of going to places where there are not too many people, while being well supervised. These are things I would never have done without JC to organize them. This is a need that more and more people have,” says PKM.
Kite surfing is of course important but it is above all the love of the sea that is at the centre with new activities every day such as surfing, paddle or underwater hunting. “Every day, we go on or underwater,” continues JC, who dreams of training “watermen”, those passionate people who live the sea in all its forms.

Three extraordinary destinations

The offer is in the process of being set up but – from this first year – Water Expeditions offers three different destinations. From one end of the Indian Ocean to the other, riders can trace their wakes on the lagoons as far as the eye can see in Madagascar or on the Sinbad archipelago (name has been modified to keep it secret ), a real jewel of biodiversity located between Mauritius and the Seychelles. These sites, cut off from the world, are made accessible thanks to the Curieuse. This exploration vessel, used to the rough seas, offers all the comfort and safety required for this type of trip. The third trip takes place in southern Indonesia, in Sumbawa, and will seduce lovers of powerful waves. At each of these sites, riders benefit from recent equipment perfectly adapted to the weather conditions.

Safety by all means

Water Expeditions’ approach is to offer the highest standards of safety, even in the most remote locations. “My role is to secure the spot with a motor boat and anticipate weather changes. I am marking the path,” explains JC, who wishes to convey this caution to his trainees. Beyond this preventive dimension, an emergency doctor joins the adventure to provide first aid if necessary. An emergency doctor is also permanently available to monitor the group remotely while taking into account local specificities.

After several months devoted to spotting, the activity starts this autumn with several stays in Madagascar, Sinbad archipelago and Indonesia. New destinations are being studied elsewhere in the world. Those who are less cautious may even be able to travel beyond the Arctic Circle.

“I tag the path.”

Matthieu HONORE

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