11 to 19 May 2019 – Places available: 5

It is on board a privatized scientific exploration ship specially equipped with all our favorite toys that you will discover Sinbad islands.
The name has been modified to keep the location secret.
We can indeed let you know that it is North of Mauritius, and one of the last untouched place in the world.

We want every expedition be like a chance to witness that area and be part of coming protection process : it should remain accessible only to people able to appreciate such an unspoiled area.
Thus we include a trash/dump collect during our visit there.
This archipelago of the Indian Ocean was recently authorized to only 200 visitors per year!
An ultimate and exclusive trip during which you can kite, dive, fish at will.

A true garden of Eden and a maritime jewel, located 26 hours from Mauritius, the twenty islets are so many possibilities of incredible spots to kite (flat, lagoons, waves…).

This expedition is for lovers of the sea and nature, the level required in Kitesurfing is autonomy in winds of 15 to 30 knots.

It is an incredible opportunity to discover this archipelago, and all the more so aboard this 28-metre scientific exploration boat: a lot of space on board, the whole ship is air-conditioned, 6 x crew members including a chef, satellite connection, radios/radar/ depth sounder, two semi-rigid tenders including one 6 meters with two 60 HP engines
Crew members trained in first aid at sea, permanent liaison with an emergency doctor (satellite telephone).

This is THE ultimate trip that every rider dreams of. An extraordinary experience!

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kitesurf trip to the hidden paradise: Sinbad islands

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